Strawberry Swing

One of the flipsides of being a self-taught baker, with almost no professional qualification, is that no one is quite that ready to take you seriously. How, after all, would you ever trust someone who would be happy to eat the icing with Marie biscuit instead of spreading it on a cake?

The upside is that invariably, the only people who get to eat the experiments of your kitchen don’t really care what it looks like as long it pleases the stomach. Besides, even if they didn’t like it, one could always bully them into saying they did. (Read blackmail and waterworks. *Evil grin*)

My own devilish instincts aside, this post is really about this Strawberry Cake I made today. The recipe was borrowed from this lovely website . Well, the cake looked like the surface of Mars, prompting my father to ask why the cake looks the way it does. In fact, the surface of every cake that I have baked at home has looked misshapen. But, like all the wise men say, it’s what’s inside that counts. The moot point is that it tasted good (and these are not my words!). Only baking the damn thing was like an hour spent standing on needles, praying that the centre of the cake cooks without the half of the cake tasting like charcoal.

You see, the ’28-minutes’ baking time that the recipe called for was exceeded by a good 10 minutes. And yes, at the end of it all, the centre did cook (and the lowest layer of the cake did burn). Here’s another good part about being an amateur baker – you can slice off an entire layer of burnt cake and no one will know. Ever. The secret stays only between you and the knife. As Meryl Streep very wisely rattles off in Julie & Julia, “If no one’s in the kitchen, who’s to see?”

The reason my adventure in the kitchen commanded an entire post on the blog is because this is the first of an adventure project called The ‘Dessert-A-Week’ project, where I will attempt to make (or bake) one dessert every week (including some truly terrifying ones, such as a Black Forest) and blog about it. For now, I’m going to sign off with the signature Indian proverb: “Ant bhala toh sab bhala” (All’s well that ends well).


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Swing

  1. Keep up the good work. My hobby has turned into a business. I use my family as guinea pigs. And friends.And neighbours. And friends.Before long you will have a queue of people lining up to be your guinea pigs too!

    Happy Baking!

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