O, bring back my burger to me…

It was love at first sight.

There it stood on my thermocole platter, a little off balance, but so beautiful. *Sniff*. I almost didn’t want to eat it, happy to be lost in the reverie of watching a stack of cheese-coated, deep fried slices of potato try to balance themselves between two slices of bread.

I shed a quiet tear when Extension 202, an eating joint at Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel, shut down.  Their menu was mostly okay, plenty of good shakes, interesting drinks, and overpriced Maggi Noodles. Moreover, I don’t usually find myself being emotionally affected when a vegetarian place shuts down. But I was devastated by the closure of Extension 202 because I would no longer be able to eat a Cheesy Fries Burger. (This blog is not for people on a diet, so if the mention of cheese and fried food in one breath made you squirm, quit this page now. NOW)

The beauty of the dish lies in the idea of it. You take fries, you swirl them around in cheese and you bookend them between two slices of burger bread. It’s amazingly simple and so breathtakingly… tasty. Moreover, Extension 202’s Cheesy Fries Burger (CFB) was better than most burgers in the market. I may be opening a Pandora’s box here, but Theobroma’s Chip Butty, though technically superior, didn’t quite move me in the way this burger did. In many ways, it was the Captain Planet of burgers, and in my mind I have this image of a block of cheddar, fries and bread, standing in a circle, light emanating from their rings as they chant “Let our powers combine…”

It always amazed me that the baap of all burger chains, McDonalds could never devise something as simple as this. But then again, one can’t really ever mourn the loss of a McDonalds, because let’s face it, there’s probably one mushrooming just below your building. Now when burger craving strikes, I make do with McD’s McSpicy Chicken – a good, filling burger, but not quite as good as my beloved Cheesy Fries Burger.


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