28 Before 28

Depending on which side of the age bar you fall, birthdays can be exciting, embarassing and outright cringe-worthy. Well, you can’t be blamed for not wanting people to remind you that you are growing old.

It is also true, however, that after January 1, birthdays are the days when people get into resolution mode. And hence, in my own tribute to these sentiments, here is my list of 28 things to do before I turn 28 (in a random order).

1. Delete my personal Facebook account (and get one for the blog!).

2. Bake myself a birthday cake.

3. Run the marathon. Oh wait, I do want to live to see my 28th. Make that the half marathon.

4. Read all the unread books in my library

5. Try my hand at an adventure sport.

6. Learn how to swim.

7. Learn how to ride a cycle and then graduate to an Enfield.

8. Learn how to drive and scare the living daylights out of all the useless drivers on the streets of Mumbai.

9. Save up some more money.

10. Find a work-at-home job that I actually enjoy doing.

11. Cook a meal for myself every day.

12. Start taking my photography a little more seriously.

13. Learn how to frost cakes so that the icing stays ON the cake and DOES NOT mysteriously travel to different parts of my kitchen.

14. Work at a bakery / patisserie.

15. Dance.

16. Learn all about temple architecture in India.

17. Teach myself geology (any help with suggested reading lists is welcome).

18. Take a holiday every four months.

19. Get started on learning to play the guitar.

20. Eat dinner at a fancy restaurant all by myself.

21. Get an A-grade in all examinations that I appear for.

22. Buy saucepans

23. Learn another Indian and a foreign language.

24. Complete my RD Burman discography

25. Send psychic messages to George RR Martin to complete The Winds of Winter AND the entire series. And please DO start killing people again in the series.

26. Write a hundred posts on the blog this year.

27. Get involved actively with a charity.

28. Get started on the new resolution list.


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