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Comfort baking

In a life full of uncertainty, with no idea of a future and regrets of the past, perhaps we find the smallest of comforts in food. In knowing that mixing the ingredients in the right proportion and letting it cook for the right time will give you exactly what you want – assurance. It’s a feeling that beats … Continue reading

Once burnt, twice lucky

Once burnt, twice lucky

  Crème renversée au caramel I don’t know French, so the name itself was intimidating enough. To top it all, I wasn’t just about to make any regular  crème renversée au caramel. This was a recipe from the famed French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, handed down to us by Julia Child.  If the name hasn’t intimidated you … Continue reading

Something old, something new…

March is here with exasperatingly schizophrenic weather. It’s hot and dry in the afternoons and gusty in the evening. It’s unlike Mumbai, this weather. Like London (which has just one climate – drizzly), we too have just one climate, humid. Till a few years ago, the mercury dropping below 20 degrees was a reason for … Continue reading

Work in progress

I thought I would blog about my experiences of making creme caramel this week. But since the dessert hasn’t quite turned out to my expectations, I am going to blog it only once I’ve come close to baking the good stuff. Next attempt on March 4th, 2012.      

Strawberry Swing

One of the flipsides of being a self-taught baker, with almost no professional qualification, is that no one is quite that ready to take you seriously. How, after all, would you ever trust someone who would be happy to eat the icing with Marie biscuit instead of spreading it on a cake? The upside is … Continue reading