In praise of the humble sheera

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack, pooja food – on some weird levels, the sheera can be compared to a certain species of insects, not out of pervert motives, but simply as a paean to its adaptability. Of all the Indian desserts, maybe even kheer and Bollywood-publicised Maa ka gaajar ka halwa, the simple sheera is … Continue reading

Sexy, a la 1950s

Howrah Bridge had one of the strangest movie posters I have ever seen. A pair of legs (maybe male, maybe female) straddle the title and the rest of the space is crammed with faces. Ashok Kumar pulls off a Bond-esque pose with a lit cigarette and a revolver, Mehmood looks hopelessly young and lost, there’s a … Continue reading

Thoughts of the afterlife

Given how badly people in Mumbai drive nowadays, I sometimes wonder whether I will make it home safe. At such times, it is always best to think  of things I can take with me to the afterlife, just like the numerous Egyptian pharaohs and queens. While I wouldn’t mind a pyramid being built in my … Continue reading

The IPL Opening Nite

Ideally, this post should have been categorised as a sporting one. But since such a category doesn’t exist, and the event doesn’t really redeem itself as a sporting one, it’s easy to classify it as a music-and-dance post. If the IPL Opening Nite is any standard of the event that is to follow, I am … Continue reading

Comfort baking

In a life full of uncertainty, with no idea of a future and regrets of the past, perhaps we find the smallest of comforts in food. In knowing that mixing the ingredients in the right proportion and letting it cook for the right time will give you exactly what you want – assurance. It’s a feeling that beats … Continue reading