One of my first introductions to jalebi (or imaratee) as some call it in this part of the world, was this Dhara oil commercial, that everyone from my generation remembers.

That, and the fact that I spent three years of my college life close to Dave’s Farsan Mart at Babulnath, where ending a snack of samosas with jalebis was mandatory. (Dave’s also serves excellent Gaajar ka Halwa, but I shall reserve that tribute for another post).

This twisted, sugar-coated pretzel-like sweetmeat is an eternal favourite and if you have spent any time outside a sweet shop in any part of India, you will also know that watching a jalebi being made is as much fun as eating it. It requires great dexterity, and control so that the shapes of the sweet almost always turn out in exact proportions. I know for  a fact that if I ever were to try my hand at making a jalebi, it wouldn’t end up as the ones you get at the shop. My efforts would be closer to being dubbed as ‘deep-fried modern art’.

So here’s to the humble jalebi, eaten hot or cold, dipped in some warm, saffron milk or just by itself. Highly recommended at Kailash Parbat and Dave’s. If you know of some other places, add to my list.


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